June 2017

Our AML/CFT Compliance

Yield Qwest Limited is deemed a reporting agency as specified under Section 17 of the 2011 Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act

This means thatservices provided by Yield Qwest Limited must undergo strict adherence to the above Acts rules and regulations, and that periodic audits and checks are incorporated into our operations to ensure we meet the requirements.

In order for Yield Qwest Limited to maintain strict Anti Money Laundering processes we employ a "Know YourClient" process (KYC)

Our guidelines are as follows:

* All clients are expected to disclose suitable proof of identity

* All client files are held for at least 7 years

* All clients are expected to produce year end financial accounts

* All clients are expected to report any suspicious activity

* All clients are expected to act in accordence with the latest updates to the Act, should it be revised

* All clients may be subject to a World Check review

* Yield Qwest does not handle client funds

* Yield Qwest does not accept cash for services rendered

* Yield Qwest does not send or transfer funds to 3rd parties on behalf of clients

* Yield Qwest does not acceptclients from restricted countries on the NZ Restricted Companies list

* Yield Qwest reports suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities

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